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Priya is a passionate writer, speaker and blogger. She is popularly known for her book, What About Passion? which is a recipient of Asia Inspiration Award at the South Asian Youth Summit, 2018. Priya helps her followers grow by sharing stories she has experienced and explored. Priya’s upcoming seminar “Find Your MODUS OPERANDI” will make people aware about  the fact that one’s daily working habits and actions can break or make important things in life, career, and relationships.  The seminar provokes one to take necessary actions required for growth and success.

Priya discovered her passion for writing while working in a software corporate and began blogging for leisure, and apparently set aboard on writing her first book, What About PASSION? has gained huge acclaim from youth and passion seekers across country. It was also recognised by Herald, The Navhind Times, Tarun, Bharat, Lokmat and more. At the South Asian Youth Summit (2018), Priya was one among the few Indian young representatives and a speaker.

Priya is a founder of Write to Express- A writing masterclass exclusive for beginners across India. Priya has also been invited by various educational institutions, youth gatherings, talks, for her unique way of interaction and storytelling. Her talks profoundly revolve around helping individuals enhance quality of their lives, identify their areas of interests and follow it, and more. She has addressed and inspired over thousands of people across age-groups across the country and abroad.

Priya at South Asian Youth Summit, Sri Lanka

Priya Receiving Asia Inspiration Award

What About PASSION?

Chronicles real stories of select young engineers who followed their choice of non-engineering/creative careers. Stories of Shikha Pandey- an Electronics Engineer turned Cricketer, India Women's Cricket Team, Anish Sood- Mechanical Engineer turned International DJ/Music Producer, and more, are covered in the book.
What About PASSION? has gained attention from young passion seekers & readers across the country and acclaim from The Navhind Times, Herald, Tarun Bharat, Lokmat, Gomantak and more.

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Write to Express

A Writing Masterclass Exclusively for Beginners By Priya Dalvi

Learn everything to get started with WRITING to EXPRESS yourself.

If you are a newbie or an aspiring writer, author, blogger, poet, wanting to write the stories hidden inside you. Yet worried how to start? or what if no body likes your writings or will your thoughts connect to readers? or don't have good command over language, how to reach & engage maximum readers? how to beat writer's block? then Write To Express is a MUST for you.


  • Prajyot Mainkar

    Chairman, GCCI, & Director, Androcid
    Priya Dalvi could be looked upon by many for two reasons. The first, authoring a book at such a young age, shows age (& gender) is never a barrier. The second, writing stories of people who have so much passion to do things differently, than different things. Writing is not just patience but passion. Priya carries the same passion not when she pens but even on stage. Highly interactive sessions with the audiences and the thrust of the house is always high. Speakership style is every-bursting, natural and energetic.
  • Rahul Kumar Rajak

    Chief Minister's Young Professional for Development Programme, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
    An unusual gem of a book, written with a highly engaging, good humoured style and packed with personal anecdotes. And it’s the people, incidents, situations and calamities which Ms. Priya Dalvi used so effectively as a framework to describe the rich tale of PASSION that have shaped and influenced her life and ours so effectively. The book worked well on several levels. For Generation X, it provides a stark reminder that, yes, everything is possible, if you are PASSIONATE about that.
  • Tejaswini Pisal

    Founder & Director, Zest Tranformation
    Priya's an amazing writer and well versed with putting thoughts across. Her book What About PASSION? itself is an evident of the same and is a brilliant initiative for passion seekers to look upon.
  • Arvind Gauns

    Student, MTech, Agricultural Engineering
    I found Priya Dalvi's book What About PASSION? a great collection of inspiration & information and would recommend to every passion seekers regardless of your age. I also got a chance to listen to her couple of times. She makes a remarkable impression on hearts by her words, ideas and stories  through her unique way of interaction with a tinge of humor.

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