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July 30, 2019
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Behind every good story, there’s a bad story

Remember, I promised to tell you a story? (The bad story), behind  “Find your Modus Operandi” I hosted on 10th Aug 2019 in Goa. Here goes:

7th Aug, 1:30 pm, Pune
I was having my lunch and somebody called me. “Madam, aapka bus cancel kar rahe hai” he said. Before I could digest the fact (and food) he continued. “Pune Goa Rasta band hai. Agle do din koi bhi gadi nahi jayegi”.
I didn’t know how to react. What to say. That instigated some negative vibe. That week, there were high rain alerts everywhere, especially Pune, Goa, Mumbai.

Instantly, I checked for flights. The prices seemed as that of a world tour. “Dude! it wouldn’t be worth” came a voice from inside and I shut the browser. Next, I asked my brother to check for trains and he told me there’s one train which is up. “Fingers crossed”. Just before finalising to book a train, I called up my father and asked him if that would be the right thing to do. I feared a bit thinking he would never give me a “GO” considering the rain conditions, safety, blah blah…

Well, I was surprised and shocked at the same time, hearing him. “Now that you have planned everything, don’t stop”. I didn’t take a second moment to book that train which was scheduled to depart at 11pm the same day (7th Aug). With all hopes and positivity, I reached station and rushed towards the charts on the platform. I looked for my train number top to bottom and bottom to up the same time. “Train cancelled” the first 4 rows displayed in big, bold, red capital letters. Fifth was the one I was to board in and it showed a BLANK against the Platform column. Secretly, I started chanting my favourite lines, “And, when you want something, all the universe
conspire in helping you to achieve it”.

30 minutes passed. The Platform column is still BLANK. Another 30 minutes. Still BLANK. I’m still chanting the lines. Also, constantly gazing at the charts without a blink and hearing at the lady announcing updates. And, there! It blinked “02”. The lady announced it too. I grabbed my luggage, and ran through the crowd as if it was the last train of my life.

(On a serious note, cracking the crowd at any Indian railway station is a whole new adventure. No?)

My heart was beating double the rate as I reached Platform Number 02 and saw the train arrived. Quickly, I got into my compartment. Upper berths are my all time favourite. I climbed up and while I was prepping myself for a nice, good sleep, fantasising to be in Goa the next morning, the lady announced.

“May I have your attention, please! The route of train number XXXXX has been changed. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused”

At this moment, I have nothing to do but to get out of the train, grab my luggage and return home, because with the route change it would by-pass my destination. It was 1 am in the night. I glanced people around—siting, standing, sleeping on the platform waiting for their destinations. Thoughts gushed in my head while I’m returning home.
What if I didn’t reach to Goa on 10th?
Should I postpone or simply cancel the event?
What will I tell the registered participants if I cancel?
What’s the guarantee that the rain will recede if I postpone?

8th Aug, 6:30 am: I woke up fresh. Gathered some courage to check for the flights. I smiled looking at the numbers. They had gone a little low (and also with SBI debit card it showed some discount). No second thought and I booked it for the next day.

9th Aug, 1:30 pm: Voila! I was in Goa. Reaching Goa seemed like a whole new adventure.

10th Aug, 10 am: Seeing about 45 amazing people in the hall for my first batch of “Find Your Modus Operandi” looked like an euphoria to me.

What if I had cancelled or postponed the event?
Had I missed on the euphoria?

Life is anyway uncertain. Best things happen to you in the moments of uncertainty and fear.
Never stop chasing your uncertainity.

Sharing a few pictures from our first batch of “Find Your Modus Operandi”, Goa.

Find Your Modus Operandi Goa Priya Dalvi 10 Aug 2019






Find Your Modus Operandi Goa Priya Dalvi 10 Aug 2019 Sakshi Kurtarkar What Abour Passion

Our Special Guest- Sakshi Kurtarkar- India Banega Manch Winner

Find Your Modus Operandi Goa Priya Dalvi 10 Aug 2019Find Your Modus Operandi Goa Priya Dalvi 10 Aug 2019Find Your Modus Operandi Goa Priya Dalvi 10 Aug 2019


  1. Abhaya says:

    Thank u so much for being their for us after lot of hardship.

  2. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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