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June 10, 2019
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August 22, 2019
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Like Your CAR, does your LIFE need servicing?

Imagine on your birthday, your father gifts you a brand new CAR. Then on, you start using your car for almost every single thing. You go to office in your car. You go to shopping in your car. You buy grocery in your car. And, obviously, you go on long rides too. Apparently, by having a CAR, your Life is SETTLED.

And, there come’s a day, your car breaks down. Boom! You ring up your father. “Dad, the car’s break.” Dad on the other side asks you “Son, when was the last time you serviced your car?
You scratch your head, trying to recollect and say, “Umm…don’t remember exactly when dad”.

As strictly instructed by your father, you take the car to the service centre. The mechanic asks the same question, “Sir, when was the last time you serviced your car? You have no answer but to scratch your head. The mechanic tells you, “Sir, the engine is dead.”

Imagine your LIFE is as good as your CAR.
What happens to your car, if you don’t service it. Can you drive your car with punctured wheels?
Can you drive your car with failed brakes? Can you drive your car with a faulty steering system?
Likewise, what happens if you don’t service your LIFE? Can you be successful with a non-suitable career? Can you be successful with bad academics? Can you be successful with an unhealthy relationship? Can you be successful with no aspirations and goals in life?

Ever wondered which part of your life needs servicing? Are you living your life enough?
What exactly is going wrong? When I introspected on these questions, I found a few answers. Answers to our questions lie nowhere but with us. It’s like mathematics. You only need a FORMULA to find the answers.

I discovered a Secret formula recently and got so obsessed with it that I kept on talking, writing, discussing about it. Sometimes even spamming. I decided to help and share the FORMULA with those willing to find out the reasons of their failures and what’s stopping their growth.

Dear Reader,
If you are based in Goa, I’m happy to invite you for a brand new life impacting program, I’m hosting at Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Panjim, on 10th August, Saturday, 10 am.
Don’t miss it.
Registration has already begun. Those passionate about their lives, have taken a step ahead by registering themselves. What about you?

Find more information and click to REGISTER here:

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