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May 9, 2018
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May 15, 2018
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O Captain! My Captain!

Not of Jack Sparrow
Not of Captain America
My captain’s hat is so spesh.
An elegant
Effortlessly coiled bun
Weaved with seasonal flowers adorning its circumference.
Crossandra is my captain’s favorite.
A 6-yard drape
Mostly cotton, with thin fringe
Paired with an elbow length blouse.
Forehead shows off a vermilion red dot
Smack-dab in the middle of brows.
My captain neither wear a shield ring nor a cape.
Half a dozen of green bangles adorn her wrists.
You see!
My captain’s ensemble
Isn’t it  spesh?
My sister once told me
They wanted to sell me off, when I was born
Because bloody cranky I was then
Is that true? I asked my captain.
“A mother can bear anything and everything that happens to her”
Replied my captain.
My captain is 60
whose hairline’s transitioning from black to grey
and duties from looking after children to grandchildren.
Yet omnipresent,
I recollect, one of my events, an hour before of which, my captain worriedly whispered into my ears, “What will I talk, if they call me on dais?”
O Captain! My Captain!
Why worry?
You are the victory
You are the majesty
You were created by the almighty
You’re my captain.
Our captain.
O Captain! My Captain!

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