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December 11, 2016
Finding Euphoria
October 11, 2017
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Poems and Birthdays medley well.

It was a phone call

‘What you want?’  I asked

You said,  ‘a cricket ball’

I said , ‘You don’t play

Who will use the ball?’


Over Thoughts

You said ‘T’

I said, ‘OK, Let that be your birthday T’

‘No No the cake may spoil the T’

So no T.


OK, then sneakers?

‘Wait, let me think,

And send you a link’

You said.


Meanwhile, you kept thinking

I already found  something

And that’s unique

Be careful

You may tweak.


On your big day

I may not gift you big

because I got my own mess

So  these lines better be  priceless.


Wish this day be of  glee to you. Happy Happy  Birthday!


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