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December 3, 2016
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January 21, 2017
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Thank You and Grateful to all you Readers.

Okay. So. I am HAPPY. Happy, because the series of  blogging on weekends completes today.

It started on 18th Nov till today. Consecutive posts for last four weekends, summing to total eight (not a big figure though). Yet, delighted to see readers drifting here on my first attempt.

Honestly, when I had this idea of blogging, I feared the criticism, the ignorance that may come my way.  But fearing would have been absolutely foolish. No?

I secretly loved it when Ashvek pinged me, Hey,  I’m a bit inspired by you. When Rekha asked me,  Tell me a topic I should blog on. Pradnya from office, called me a Blogger whenever we bumped in the pantry. Then Pratik texted, Kudos to you, Keep messing up with words’. And Rachita, Zeba never failed to  leave me a comment. Some Instagram followers too 🙂

With every post the motivation aroused. The views and comments were  cherries on top.

I find it little strange when people say, Because your vocab is good, your writing is good, must be from convent. No?

That actually buries me in a quest. What does English got to do with Writing.  I agree English being the medium of writing, but it is not just mere English.

See! how the thoughts flow?

I’m in an auto. The auto halts at the signal. Till the signal turns green, 10 thoughts pile up in my head. I quickly take out my mobile,  jot 7 of them.  Because I fear losing them. Coming home, I transfer them to my diary. Because again, I fear losing my mobile too. And Dairy? It remains with me, safe and sound.

So, how  it’s just English?

(Hey! nothing to brag, no one to blame)

And with this blogging pleasure, I have gained a handful of regular readers.

I heartfelt Thank  You to all. I  mean it. (Wish I could list all the names)

Guys, the weekend blogging thing may close today, but I plan to continue  flooding this space as and when ideas strike and thus not a closing.

If you want me to write on a topic of your choice, please feel free and hit the comment below. I would be more than happy to revert.

So, Thank You very much.

By the way, I just returned from  my friend’s wedding.  If you remember her  in my Crashing A wedding Gate post.

With the Bride of the Year!

With the Bride of the Year!

Till my next post, navigate to rest of My Jotting Job.


Priya Dalvi

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