Over a Coffee in Winter- A Poem
November 27, 2016
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December 11, 2016
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Weather is Deceptive. We are Impatient!

Glooomy! the sky appeared that day.  Clouds were dark, heavy like the ones before downburst. Sky was that evident up there. I beamed up from my balcony while watering the saplings. The blue was well endowed, hinting to drip in gush. Seemingly, the weather was super, forcing me to gaze long through the balcony grills at the clouds, back and again. I was happy. Happy, because while other cities had begun pouring, Pune had happened to be little lagging. First rains are the ones everyone is keen for.

I was connecting office from home (to answer my exam between the day). And I could predict the day to be absolutely like, cuddling with the laptop, munching over crisps, and do nothing. Eagerly wanting the thunder to rumble and crack loud, a windy breeze to run super fast, and then the clouds to downpour, diffusing that scent of mud. Though the weather hinted that, nothing that sort of thing was happening.

Yet, with all those thoughts, I resumed work. Hours then, I was out again, standing still, envisioning, wanting my prophecy to come true. Nothing has changed, though. Stubborn, I grumped, glaring up. And remembered the elders saying- when the temperature rises, it rains. Perhaps that day, the weather defied their words.

It was already a noon.  Hunger pushed me towards kitchen. Although, the head impatiently wished the clouds to shower, beat down the heat. And a slight breeze ran in. Yes, that was the first flow for the day. I peeped out. The greens were shaking.  They appeared to be smiling, conveying something I had no clue of. They made me click a picture through the window bars.


So back then, the same story, thinking of rains relentlessly. Hours passed, the clock struck 5; the time I had to leave for my exam. I hurried at the auto stand and a sharing auto stopped by. I got in, cornered myself at the extreme open end, (holding the support-rod tightly) such that if its rain, I’ll get a tad to drench, and I don’t miss on the fun. For then, my ears caught a conversation between the driver and passenger sitting beside. Poor lady was enquiring for the ‘Chowda Land’, her next destination. Chowda Land? I was quizzed. Wondered if any such LAND, i.e Chowda Land existed in the city.  She kept asking other passengers.

Minutes then, I reached the square. The lady had to get down too. Before I could move, she pleaded, quickly removed a chit from her purse and pointed at the map drawn on it. Damn, I so stifled the urge to giggle out.

Aunty, it’s the 14th LANE (‘Chowda Land’ for her). The city here  is all about Lanes and Squares, I added.

Ugh! How bad the linguistic barrier is. Dangerous and more than hilarious, I uttered within; (no offence to the lady ). She finally then, headed towards Chowda Land, I mean the 14th Lane. That left me amused, and to forget worrying about the rains for a while.

I walked to the exam Centre. Squinted out; darkness was widening, covering the clouds beneath. They look more dense and heavy now. And that hope!

As immediately as I finished my exam, the charm of the street pulled me; MG Road- one of the hotspots and a favorite locale to ramble around.  I was back on the jam-packed, huddled pedestrians. Roaming, looking for all that on the roadside shops. I went hunting ahead.  Bought an umbrella and a pair of rainy shoes.  Anticipating to rain on way back home, and I can use them all.  Yet, nothing had changed.

Having a quick meal, after reaching home, I crashed into the bed, almost then and there. But, before I could drift off to dreamland, I was jolted awake, it was 11:40.  Something outside was going on for sure. Bothering least, trying to snooze back, I pulled the duvet over my head, intending not to get disturbed. I could perceive the temperature was going low, and the wintry cold didn’t let me leave the squashy bed. Something was going out. I was half puzzled and asleep the rest. After much thought lying there, with eyes glued shut, trying harder to wider them, yawning, stretching, I sleep-walked towards the switch board first. To put off the fan, and of course for some lights.

And while I turn back, a flash of light crashed, through my window I could partially see that. Curious to know, I quickly swept the curtains off, slid the window aside. Ah, chill and comfy, the wind entered in gently. I grabbed my shawl, wrapping it around, raced in the balcony.

There were no stars to twinkle, no moon to shine. Miracle. And within a blink of eye, there was a gush. Gush of tiny drops, turning into a stream of bigger ones, tapping louder and louder. I took out my hands. My palms were drenched.

So, apparently, it was raining. I was overwhelmed, ecstatic and silly at the same time. How mad I have been waiting, thinking of the rains, I mean the whole day. Going restless, and not being patient.

The weather can be deceptive, delusive, and misleading. But, all that I could have was perseverance and tenacity. A big message I could take out from the small weather incident.

So, moral of the story is everything that surrounds us can be illusive, bizarre. One need to hold the horses, and not just ride away before time. Because, things happen when they are scheduled to. To simply put it, Right Things Happen on the Right Time. Happiness is something we ourselves are responsible for. Not the weather or so.

The rain had left the streets partially drenched till morning. I feel Monsoons are that beautiful (even if it blocks the road) and importantly worth waiting.

Thank you for reading!


Priya Dalvi

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