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May 17, 2018
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June 18, 2018
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Well begun is half done!

Hello there!

I am back. With my 15th post. That means, I finished half of the blog sprint. It has been stupendous blogging every day. Penning on a theme, after office hours, was sometimes exhausting. The main purpose, I conceptualized this idea was to put myself in a daily writing habit. Although, I could not make it happen a few times, yet it was FUN!

And, you know commitment works! Not 100%, but it helps you get there. I am also making another commitment. The commitment to “run” or “walk” every day. So, from today, I have resumed my Sunday running schedule. Ran over 5 kilometers early morning today. Why am I sharing this to you? Because again, committing it in public, automatically helps you stick to it. Trust me, it’s difficult to be self-driven every time. Hence, “commitment”, is a way to go.

So, this blog sprint was my first time, and it worked out to an extent. I can’t thank enough, all my readers who kept the enthusiasm going. I really mean it. I am greatly glad and humbled that I got to connect with many of you through your personal messages and comments. Hearing directly to your thoughts on my writings, was crazy.

I recollect, a few days back, one of my readers, Sadhana, wrote to me, “Hey! Are you well? You didn’t not post anything yesterday” Messages like this was a frill on Cake.

This post, I am particularly touching upon a couple of updates.

Although, I am aware about my commitment to run this blog sprint the entire month, I might have to halt this for now, due to some critical work coming my way.

But…But… this is not the end! 😊

Hopefully, I will resume soon in any of the coming months.

Another update is, for the first time, I will be shipping author signed copies of my first Book “What About PASSION?” in collaboration with Kharidobecho. It is yet to appear there soon. Another advantage is, the shipping will be free here.

So, that was for today. Feel free to write to me about your thoughts on my work. Also, if I can assist any of the aspiring writers, I would be happy to help.

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Until then keep reading. Stay healthy!



Priya Dalvi

Author of What About PASSION?



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  1. Pradnya says:

    Took me back to my days with my granny…. 🙂

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